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Hey There,

Amanda Goldman-Petri here (but most of my clients just call me AGP).

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs crush it with their businesses… like, seriously out of the park… working part-time hours, taking vacation after vacation, all while making more money in one month than most people make in one year?

Have you ever wondered what they do differently from the vast majority of business owners who just do “okay” but never really achieve the wealth and freedom they really want?

If you’re anything like I used to be, chances are you’ve spent more time than you’re willing to admit pondering those questions. Maybe not in those exact words… but you’ve watched other entrepreneurs turn their businesses into freaking empires, and somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve wondered, “Why the heck can’t I do that?”

Not that you’re complaining. You’re just an entrepreneur, and that means you’re a dreamer who craves that freedom lifestyle. You’ll stop at nothing to get it, but in spite of your hard work, you haven’t been able to figure out how to…

  • Generate more money in your business without putting in more hours of your time (you’re already burning the candle at both ends)!
  • Build the kind of real, sustainable wealth that gives you true peace of mind (no worrying about how you’re going to pay the costs of growing your business, or of everyday life – you never know when a financial emergency will crop up)!
  • Automate routine tasks in your business so you can spend less time “in the trenches”… and more time enjoying the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to create!
  • Get out of the constant soul-sucking launch cycle, and finally have an EASIER and more SEAMLESS way of generating money.
  • Make a real impact for your customers and clients, your employees, your community… and your niche or industry (because, hey, our legacy is what we leave to this world)!
  • Become THE respected authority in your industry – the one who everyone trusts to solve their problems and provide them with expert knowledge!

The thing is, most business owners get stuck in that exact same place. They achieve decent success, but they don’t know where to go or what to do to get from “eh” to “exceptional!”

I was at that place once, and everywhere I looked it was just another “guru” showing you how to make “6 Figures”. There was NO ONE teaching you how to scale beyond that… NO ONE showing you how to create a sustainable, scalable business… NO ONE coaching on how to ditch the hustle and work less, while making more.

To top it off, “6 Figures” to these coaches meant “Revenue”… NO ONE was teaching you how to scale your business to a level where you could PAY YOURSELF 6 Figures from the PROFIT.

So I decided to figure it out myself.

But you don’t have to (and I can tell you from experience, going at it alone is certainly not easy).

I’m blessed to finally be able to fill a hole in this marketplace. There is now somewhere for
entrepreneurs to go when they want to finally break through the income ceiling and build the empires they’ve always envisioned without the hustle or sacrifice.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs – ambitious, roll-up-your-sleeves people just like you to create real, sustainable success in their businesses… their personal and professional lifestyles… and the lives of their customers and clients. They’ve dominated industries where the competition is fierce… and positioned themselves to stay several steps ahead of the pack, no matter what!

How did they do it?

  • By learning from someone who has been in their shoes and learned how to leverage knowledge and technology to dramatically increase cash flow… without putting in more hours.
  • By using proven systems to take the guesswork (and a LOT of actual work) out of the day-to-day runnings of their businesses.
  • By tapping into ACTION-based training and coaching that keeps them outside their comfort zones… and squarely on the path to growth and fulfillment.
  • Make a real impact for your customers and clients, your employees, your community… and your niche or industry (because, hey, our legacy is what we leave to this world)!
  • By connecting with a closed-door group of like-minded individuals who are committed to helping each other succeed… and who are more than willing to dig in and help each other find the best solutions possible to any challenge!

In short… they’ve taken the critical step of becoming members of my Mastermind group!

And now, you can too!

You Are Invited to…

I’ve created this powerful and, admittedly, unconventional mastermind just for people like you… people who are passionate about their businesses, and who have the drive and determination not only to thrive… but to create an empire!

Our Mastermind group gives you the productive, supportive environment you need to stop just running your business… and let it truly work for you!

For those lucky enough to get in, there will be plenty of step-by-step coaching on everything you need to scale your business fast, including:

  • Shifting from manual marketing and exhausting launches to more automated or scalable forms of sales generation
  • Shifting from time-for-dollars business models to a more leveraged and sustainable business model that creates the space for added growth with decreased hustle
  • Shifting from a solo or small business to an empire, supported by a team who you can trust to keep the business growing successfully without you
  • Shifting from the business model, marketing strategies, and offers some coach TOLD you to use, and finally uncovering your IDEAL VISION for your DREAM BUSINESS
  • Shifting from a “Just Make Money Mindset” to a “WEALTH MINDSET” and truly understanding the difference between money and “Real Wealth”
  • And much, MUCH more!

Plus… the training is just the beginning! We love getting together on luxury cruises (more on this later), giving each member opportunities to get feedback and suggestions from fellow members, forming friendships and partnerships, and taking advantages of tools, templates, and other time-savers to make your journey to the top even faster and easier!

Now, if you’ve been in business for a while, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve kicked around the idea of joining a Mastermind. So you might be wondering…

Why This Mastermind

(and Not One of the Other Bazillion Masterminds Out There)?

If you’re going to invest your time and money in a Mastermind, you want to know that it’s going to be worth your investment. And you know I’m going to give you some serious value – otherwise, what’s the point?

Here are just some of the ways I make sure that you’re getting the best training and support out of your Marketing Nerds Mastermind membership:

  • Unlike other coaches, I am extremely picky about who I let into my mastermind groups.
    If I suspect in any way that an applicant is not serious about their own success, willing
    to put in effort and be teachable, or passionate about helping others in the group…
    they’re not getting in. Period. That means butt-kicking training, interaction, and
    support without disruptive members slowing things down!
  • I’m present and available as much as possible – I don’t just point you
    to a bunch of videos and tell you to figure the rest out on your own.
  • My coaching style focuses on IMPLEMENTATION, not just providing information.
    That means you won’t just KNOW how to scale your business… you’ll actually DO it!
  • Unlike most mastermind retreats that are almost all just networking, I’ve
    structured the Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ cruises to be balanced. You can
    expect equal parts group training, “Hot Seats,” implementation, and fun!
    That’s the formula for a retreat that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, excited,
    and prepared to do incredible things with your business!
  • Everything in my Mastermind revolves around a carefully designed structure and
    system that I’ve developed over years of coaching and training. Why is that important?
    Well, it’s hard to really get anything out of a Mastermind where they just throw
    random info at you! With my Mastermind, the step-by-step approach gives you an
    exact action plan to achieve your vision (and then some)!

Oh… and most importantly…

  • My Mastermind produces RESULTS! Sure, we have fun and go on great cruises together and learn really cool stuff… but the bottom line is this: You’re here to grow your business, generate serious wealth, have a blast running your business, and achieve the kind of lifestyle that most people only dream of. So that’s why I insist on ACTION and RESULTS… not just training for the sake of training!

In fact…


Jasmine, a Mastermind member with some serious goals and a “never quit” attitude, raked in $295,000 in the first 30 days after she started working with me! (Would an extra $295K make a difference in your life?) Since then, her entire mindset has shifted around wealth and as a result, she’s started charging more and even re-invested her earnings to open up a new local business.

Jennifer, another superstar Mastermind member, made back the entire cost of the Mastermind in just three days, giving her a renewed sense of faith in herself and her ability to make her business work.

Jillian used the techniques I teach to make back the first deposit for the Mastermind in just 30 minutes! Not too shabby, if I say so myself!

Jen took her Mastermind training to heart and used it to make more in her first 3 months working with me than she did in the entire previous year! Not to mention, this was the first year she’s truly felt aligned with her business and her brand, a key factor in bringing your dream business to life.

Christine had all the ambition she needed, but HATED her business model. All of her clients were coming from exhausting live events. I showed her how to set up her business to bring in clients and put them in sales funnels without doing live events… and once she implemented my strategies, she finally hit the 7-figure mark in her business! Plus, she experienced more freedom and happiness in the process (that’s the real win in my book)!


One of my Mastermind members, Ann, partnered up with me to co-lead a program together and made back the entire investment plus profit just from that one launch! (side note: we’ve since decided we’re long-lost soul sisters)

Dee made profit within 3 weeks, even though previously she had gone 2 years with only 2 clients under her belt. Talk about a quick turn around!

Lisa went from being seriously unhappy with her business to the point of wanting to quit… to being in a business she truly loves and is excited about each and every day! (That transformation is priceless)!

Many Mastermind members - too many to list here - also walked away with every task in their business documented in the form of Standard Operating Procedures, as well as literally their entire year planned out in their business. In short: We organized the crap out of their businesses!

And I’m stoked for you to be the next jaw-dropping success story!

Of course, I could go on and on (we’ve had a LOT of Mastermind members who have completely blown up their businesses with what they learn)…

…but at this point, you’re probably more interested in finding out exactly what you’re getting that’s going to make such an enormous difference in your success, wealth, and personal freedom!

So What All Do You Get As a
Marketing Nerds Mastermindtm Member?

Fair warning… this is a pretty long list. That’s because I don’t take my clients’ success lightly and I truly value your investment in me, so I want to make sure it’s worth it and you have absolutely everything you need to rocket past your goals… no matter how big you dream!

Ready for this?

Good. Let’s dive into the components of your Marketing Nerds Mastermind™!

One-on-One Cash Injection Strategy Session –
To kick things off, you’ll get a private 60-minute session with our Amanda or a Certified Cash Injection Coach. The goal? Come up with a campaign to make you AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! This is one of the signature processes we've become very well known for - because it WORKS... FAST!

One-on-One Business Model Breakthrough Session –
This private 60-minute session will help uncover what your IDEAL VISION for your DREAM business looks like. This will serve as a solid foundation for growth, so that you can start scaling your business to generate wealth in your life in the exact way you want. We’ll start by evaluating your current business – your niche, systems, offers, price points, marketing, fulfillment – and determine the shifts you need to make to your business more aligned, more sustainable, and more scalable. By the end of the session, you’ll be completely clear on your new, ideal business model, which will allow you to live your dream lifestyle, grow your business in alignment with your vision and passion, and bring in more cash with less time and effort!

One-on-One "Ideal Year" Planning Session –
This private 60-minute session will help uncover the EXACT action steps you need to take each and every month for the ENTIRE YEAR. We will plan out HOW you're going to get your ideal business model to come to life. We'll plan out HOW you're going to hit your income goals for the year. We'll plan EVERYTHING so that all you have to do is go implement!

One-on-One Funnel Mapping VIP Session –
Ideas are great, but funnels are what bring in serious cash and enable you to generate real wealth in your business. As a Mastermind member, you’ll get a 2-hour private session to map out your core funnels so you can bring your business vision to life (and start raking in the kind of cash you really deserve). We’ll also brainstorm for an entire year’s worth of content you can use to attract new leads and feed them into your new, powerful funnels… and I’ll even show you how to easily repurpose your content, so that you never have to create another post or article again after this!

A Done For You Sales Funnel, Including 1 Month of Facebook Advertising Management and $500 Of Ad Spend Covered –
Once we've outlined your funnel, we will actually go BUILD IT FOR YOU! But not only that, we'll take the reigns and start sending you traffic...on our advertising dime! The goal being to get you 1-3 high ticket sales to cover the cost of the program.

One-on-One Millionaire Money Mindset Session –
Next, you’ll get a private 75-minute session with Millionaire Mindset Coach Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro. Now, Sarah isn’t one of these people who just brings in income but has no real net worth (a LOT of money coaches are like this)…her assets put her net worth north of $2 million! That means she can show you how to do more than just increase your income – she’ll give you the strategies you need to build true wealth.

If you haven’t been playing big enough in your business, this session is going to be a complete eye opener for you. Sarah will help you identify the “money stories” – the beliefs, memories, and attitudes that are getting in your way – and replace them with a new, empowering mindset to take your business (and personal wealth) into the stratosphere!

One-on-One S.O.S Coaching Sessions –
And just in case anything comes up that you need help with OUTSIDE the "Curriculum Calls" we are also making AMANDA personally available for 4 S.O.S / Emergency Calls. In these 1:1 personal session with Amanda, you can focus on and get her help with anything that you need!

Luxury 5-Day Mastermind Cruises (Twice Per Year!)
Just because you’re working hard to massively scale your business (and your income) doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time… and visit some of the most beautiful destinations in the world! When you become a Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ member, your membership fee includes the cost of your stateroom on TWO luxury cruises per year!

The itinerary changes from cruise to cruise, but our past mastermind cruises have visited places like Grand Turk Island, the Bahamas, and other beach-y locales… and all of them have been an absolute blast!

So, Amanda, let’s talk about these cruises already!

You got it:

During each rejuvenating and inspiring 5-day cruise, we’ll focus on four key areas:

1) In-depth training sessions in the areas you’ll be focusing on for the following six months. During these live group training sessions, you’ll get easy-to-implement strategies and battle-tested insights to help you scale your business and create the greatest impact possible!

2) Implementation of the strategies you learn! There’s no waiting until you get back home to start implementing… because then, your enthusiasm will have begun to lose steam. This way, when you get back to your office, you’ll already have the gears turning to create massive change in your business!

3)“Hot Seat” opportunities! You get the entire group focusing on you, your businesses, and your challenges and goals. It’s a fantastic way to get real-time feedback, brainstorm for ideas and solutions, and get support from ALL of your fellow Mastermind members!

4) Networking and FUN! Building a business can be tough… so that’s why we build in plenty of time for unwinding, getting to know each other, and nerding out in picture perfect paradises! We always have a BLAST exploring the ports of call together! Just take a look at a few of the pics from last year’s Mastermind:

Pretty freakin’ cool, eh? You bet it is!

What’s even cooler is I’m going to do one better than just paying for your cruise stateroom…

I’m going to include a “+1” ticket for your spouse, partner, best friend,
grandma... whoever!

I know that you’ll probably want to bring someone with you to share in your experiences on the ship and at the ports of call, so I’ve made sure that you can bring a +1 with you (to stay in the same stateroom as you).

And in case you haven’t already thought of this…
It’s totally tax deductible!


Toes in the sand, in-depth training and individual coaching and
support, AND you can deduct the cost from your taxes?!
Where do I sign up, right? Well, I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.


I’m still not done telling you what all comes with your
Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ membership!

Are you freakin’ kidding me, Amanda?

Heck no! You’re going to run into a lot of challenges as you’re growing and scaling your business (any time you do something truly BIG, you’re going to encounter some resistance, right?).

So I wanted to make sure that you have plenty of support throughout the year to keep your momentum going, help you navigate obstacles and take advantage of opportunities, and keep you from getting de-railed in your quest for awesomeness!

That’s why, as a Mastermind member, you’re also getting:

One-on-One Voxer Coaching Access –

Any time you have a question or get stumped by a challenge, all you need to do is submit your question in the Voxer app (similar to leaving a voicemail). Either myself or our Head Coach will help guide you through your question or challenge. Members love this because it’s more personal than email (in fact, I've on rare occasions sent voxers while I was in the shower…it doesn’t get more personal than that! #HalfKidding)

Members also loves this, because they can explain their questions more easily than they could in writing. Heck, my client Amunet said this alone was worth the entire investment in the program for that exact reason!

Daily Feedback & Support In Our Private Facebook Group –
This is where I’ll hang out and answer questions that come up as you’re executing your unique growth plan. It’s also where you’ll post completed assignments, sales pages and funnels, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and anything else you’d like feedback on.

Plus, it’s just an awesome place to get to know your fellow Mastermind members. You can give (and get) advice and support, form friendships and partnerships, and just have a relaxing virtual place to hang after a productive day of rocking your business! We’re like a big ol’ nerdy family in there!

High Performance Accountability Coaching –

I've personally Certified and Trained Accountability Coach Cat Stancik to be there for you to help set goals, break them down into action steps, attach deadlines, and connect you to resources EVERY WEEK. Cat will have a 1:1 call with you EVERY QUARTER to evaluate where you're at with your goals and course correct as needed. She will set goals with you EVERY MONDAY. She will check in with you EVERY WEDNESDAY. She will celebrate your wins with you EVERY FRIDAY. (and if we don't hear from you...Tuesday and Thursday are our "pester" days). This is our way of ensuring you IMPLEMENT the actions we mapped out in the 1:1 calls. PLUS, it's a way to keep you CONSTANTLY engaged in the Mastermind so that you USE what you've bought!

Access to “The Nerd Herd” –
In the Facebook Group, you’ll also have access to my carefully curated group of seven Certified Coaches and Business Partners, who will be on hand to help you with just about any question you could possibly think of. (I’ve personally trained, tested, and/or certified these experts, so you know that all of the advice and answers they give are not only top-notch, but consistent with our company’s beliefs and teaching principles.)

Want to meet ‘em? Sure you do!

Now… Let’s Talk BONUSES!

YES! What membership would be complete without a few super-cool bonuses to round things out?
No membership that I would ever offer, that’s for sure!

So to make absolutely sure that you’re getting WAY more value than you’re paying for… I’m including these bonuses for you too:

Bonus 1: Welcome Kit Delivered Right to Your Door –
I know you’re going to be watching your mailbox for this! As a new Mastermind member, you’re going to get the official Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ Welcome Kit, including Market Like a Nerd t-shirts (be sure to tell me what size you wear), a folder packed with printed information about the Mastermind, our training and event schedule for the next 12 months, and even a personally written, signed welcome card from yours truly! I believe in treating my Mastermind members like royalty, and it all starts with the welcome experience!

Physical “Ideal Year” Marketing Planner –
On one of the cruises (yes, cruises… I’ll talk about that in just a second) for the year, you’ll get a physical marketing planning book, which we’ll go through during the cruise to map out your marketing and growth plan for the entire year! When the cruise is over and it’s time to go home, you’ll hold in your hands every single action step you need to take your business to new heights!

Bonus 2: VIP-Only Trainings –
I’m giving you exclusive access to my “secret stash” of training courses that aren’t available to anyone through any of my other programs! These include:

  • Flash Clarity
  • "Ideal Year" Marketing Plans
  • Funnel Geeks
  • Millionaire Alchemy
  • SOP Geeks
  • List Build Like a Nerd
  • Launch Like a Nerd
  • JV Geeks
  • Operation Cash Flow

These trainings will make it even easier for you to level up your business and achieve the rock-stardom you’ve always wanted for yourself and your business!

Bonus 3: Lifetime Access to ALL Cash Injection Intensives –
The Mastermind isn’t just about empowering you achieve long-term results with your business… it’s also about helping you generate momentum, customers, and cash now! So I’ve included access to all of the Cash Injection Intensives I’ve done – these videos will give you plenty of strategies to turn on the money “fire hose” quickly, so you can have more cash to grow your business!

And finally (whew)…

Bonus 4: Priority Access to My Promotional Calendar, Joint Venture, and Hiring Opportunities –
I’m fiercely loyal to my Mastermind members. So much so, in fact, that whenever I’m looking for talented professionals to hire or collaborate with, I go to my Mastermind peeps FIRST! Same goes for my promotional calendar… when I have an opening to promote a business, I’d much rather that biz belong to a Mastermind member! Here’s just a few examples:

  • After joining the Mastermind, my client Minling and I hit it off so well, we decided to open up a branding and PR business together. In our first launch, we not only made back all of our start up costs, but also her entire cost of the Mastermind too.
  • My client Valerie became my go-to lawyer for trademarks and agreements. She essentially made all of her money back just from my payments alone. We worked together so much, we decided to join forces as well. I’m now a Partner-in-Justice at Del Grosso Law! She gets to delegate all of the marketing to me now (lucky gal, huh?)!
  • After Ann joined the Mastermind, we also became very close (are you sensing a pattern here? I freaking love my clients!). So close, in fact, that she became the Head Certified Cash Injection Coach™ in my other business, The League of Certified Coaches. In my first launch of the program, she made her entire Mastermind payment back simply from my payments to her.
  • Jodi Sodini started out as a client, but when I caught on to what an amazing Virtual Assistant she was, I hired her to be The Tech Nerd in the Nerd Herd. Now, not only do I pay her for her that, but she is also the main Tech VA I refer clients to.
  • My client Lori impressed the hell out of me in the Mastermind (trust me, your talents will not go unnoticed), so I decided to pay her $5000 to teach a class at one of the retreats (the members loved it of course and she was worth every penny)! You’ll notice she’s also now a part of The Nerd Herd!
  • Jen (yes, the same Jen from The Nerd Herd) secured a spot on my promotional calendar, and I sent a mailing out to my entire email list for her offer. Not only did she make sales, but I didn’t take a penny of the commissions. Later on, I even paid her for one of her Brainstorming Sessions too!
  • Marta also snagged a spot on my promotional calendar, and I shared her video training in my 10K+ Facebook Group. She got a ton of phone calls for it - including one from me (you guessed it…I’m in the process of hiring her for her done-for-you services too)!
  • Sarah Shapiro began as a client, then was promoted to a paid position in The Nerd Herd, and finally we decided to co-create our program Millionaire Alchemy together!
  • When I decided to create the Ideal Year Marketing Planner, my client Lisa was the Book Coach I hired to help me, edit the book, and get it published.
  • I’ve literally been pushing my client Pompe to finish her Meditation Membership just so I can join and pay her for it. Go, Pompe, Go!
  • I’m even in talks with my husband about opening up a franchise of one of my client’s Yoga studios here in Florida.

You see… We stay loyal in this nerd family. I try to notice and honor my client’s talents. One way I do that is by keeping my hires, business opportunities, and promotional calendar opportunities all in house… with clients getting first dibs at all times!

Bonus 5: Profit/Loss Statements –
At the start of the program, you may submit your income and expenses to us for review. We'll evaluate it to identify areas for decreased expenses, more efficient uses of your money, as well as opportunities for increased income based on what we're seeing. This also gives us a VERY clear idea of "what we're working with" so that we can better coach you from where you're starting at!

Bonus 6: Sales Call Review –
Amanda has a pretty darn high sales conversations conversion ratio (in one recent launch, 94% of the people she spoke to bought....Industry standard is just 20%!). Her Certified Sales Coaches are carrying on that legacy ALSO with 90+% conversion rates! Submit a copy of your sales call to us and we'll evaluate it to give you feedback for ways to adjust so taht you cna get more "Yes"s.

Bonus 7: Systems Review –
You WILL learn how to create systems in this program and, in particular, SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures. Once you've implemented this and have SOPs for us to review - send 'em along for feedback!

That’s A LOT of Value, Amanda!
And That Means It Sounds Expensive! Can I
Afford All of This?

Well, let me go ahead and give you your first growth mindset tip: When you’re considering making an investment that can help you scale your business, exponentially increase your revenue, give you greater fulfilment in your business, and let you finally live the lifestyle you’ve been craving… you’re really investing in yourself. And how can you afford NOT to do that… especially when what you’re getting has been PROVEN to work for hundreds of other business owners just like you?

Now, most of the Masterminds out there go for $50k a year… and don’t include even a fraction of what you’re getting as a Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ member.

(That’s not an exaggeration. I have joined MANY myself, and I designed this program based on what I loved and hated about each of them)

But I don’t like doing things the way everyone else does.

So, here’s how it works instead…

I’ve set the base cost of Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ membership at $30,000 (still much less than what other Masterminds are charging, because, again, this isn’t about it being my cash-cow for my business. It’s about truly helping people).

That being said…

If you’ve been around me at all (or watched some of my videos), you know I LOVE making it a no-brainer to work with me and I cherish cash flow. So as a way to manage your cash flow while still being able to join, I'll even FINANCE YOU MYSELF - 100%
. That means $2500 per month for 12 months – Yup! NO interest!

Ok, I Want One of Those Spots Right Now,
Amanda! Where the Heck is the Buy Button?

Well, here’s the thing about that. I know that this Mastermind is a big commitment – you’re going to be putting in some serious elbow grease making the necessary shifts and completing the action steps you need to transform your business into something truly powerful… and transform yourself into truly wealthy!

So before you make that commitment official, let’s jump on the phone (or Skype) for a bit. I’d like to get to know you and hear about your challenges, goals, and vision for the next year. And I want you to get to know me a bit, too – after all, we’re going to be working together for 12 whole months and taking two luxury cruises together!

I’m not going to try to upsell you on something crazy or pressure you into registering if it’s not going to be a good fit for you. I just want to make absolutely sure that we’re on the same page, and that you’re comfortable with making such an important commitment to change.

So if you’re ready to get serious about your business, click the button below to access my calendar and book a time to chat:

Why would you want to miss out on the chance to join the most potent business and marketing Mastermind on the planet at a serious discount? Book your time slot on our schedule before you do anything else!

My Personal Guarantee to You

There is nothing that I want more than to help you unleash the true power of your inner nerd, and use it to create the high-impact business, enviable wealth, and ideal lifestyle you’ve wanted for so long. That is why I’m making my personal pledge and guarantee to you now:

I pledge to be reliable, attentive, approachable, and reachable. I will be the most supportive, encouraging, empowering coach that I can be at all times.

I will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations and guide you to success in the ways that are best for you, your business, and your customers.

I will be committed to your excellence, to increasing your impact on your customers and your
community, and to helping you grow the best business possible.

These things I pledge and guarantee to you!


P.S.: If you’re like a lot of biz owners, every minute of your time is valuable. So I’ve made sure that everything you get inside Marketing Nerds Mastermind™ is super-efficient and straight to the point. That way, you can learn what you need to rapidly scale your biz without taking your focus off of what you still need to get done each day!